31 August 2013

The Latest Apps That Will Make Your Iphone The Only Thing You Need

Computer, camera, watch, calendar - Forget them, you don’t need all of these devices! Your iPhone can be a very powerful tool and with the right applications, your iPhone can be everything you need. It can even act as your personal trainer and weight watcher. Isn’t it great to have all in one place? Here are some of the latest apps you don't want to miss.

The 5megapixel (iphone4) and 8megapixel (iPhone5) camera built of the Apple unit, it is not bad at all I must say. But if you want to add more twist on your picture, downloading Camera+ is a wise choice. The app offer different photo filters, individual control over exposure and focus, along with burst mode, a timer and the addition of Flickr to your photo-sharing options. In addition, Camera+ can help you enhance photos even if it taken from other apps. Camera+ is not for free, it will cost you $.99 to download, but one thing you can guarantee - You get what you pay for!

Among many useful iPhone application considered today is the Evernote. In fact, it is always in the Top 10 list of most bloggers all over the world. The application lets users to composed notes or voice notes, arrange them effectively, shared via other programs like email, Facebook and Twitter, and it will be automatically synced back to Evernote's server, making them accessible from any computer or mobile device. 

Dropbox is a power tool for storing and sharing files. With this application, one can easily access his/her save files from any device, mobile or laptop and even work with remote colleagues by permitting the sharing of folders and documents. Dropbox is for free and a totally must-have most especially for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Just make sure you have a reliable internet connection to ensure flawless working performance.


If you feel bored using your default Calendar app, try Fantastical. It is an attractive, easy to use calendar that supports the same services Google, iCal, Exchange and Facebook Events but really standout when it comes to scheduling new events. Fantastical will cost you $3.99 to download. 

If you are having problem storing music and movies because of the ton application, videos and photos already save on your iPhone, Plex is the solution. With Plex, you can access music and videos that save from your home computer using your iPhone wherever you are as long as you have internet connection. Downloading application will cost you $4.99.

Other Important Apps: Social media apps for connecting with your friends like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. VoiP apps like Skype and gotomeeting, Free messaing apps like Viber and of course some top games that would kill tme and entertain you like Candry Crush Saga, Jetpack Joyride, the newly release Plants vs Zombies 2 and the ever popular Angry Birds (any version)

These are just a couple of applications that you can download to your iPhone, there are absolutely more apps waiting for you out there like weight watchers, fitness trainers, flashlight and antivus! It only proves that with the right apps, Iphone is not only a mobile phone. It does have all you need in just the palm of your hand.

Guest Post By : Marie Felipe

Bio: Marie Felipe is an online writer for more than 6 years now. She loves looking for guest posting service as well as writing in her own blogs. She loves to share her ideas about technology and obviously computers are her life.