22 August 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 800 10.1 review and Price

The tablet-computer market is steaming up nowadays. One huge brand - Apple - dominates the land, while OTHER ones tries to find ways to grab their share of pie lets see who wins

With Samsung's new Galaxy Note 10.1,  the OTHERS  seems to gain a small victory. It's a tablet that does something that the iPad doesn't do, and it does it very well. This small victory won't win the war , though.

Starting to go on floors from this Thursday in U.S. this $499 tablet comes with a pen, or more precisely, a stylus. Although it doesn't work on paper, but the tablet's screen responds to it. It's precise and responsive, and it glides easily across the screen.

There are styluses available for the iPad, but they're not very good. The iPad's screen can't sense sharp objects, so any stylus has to be fairly blunt. Many of them have rubber tips, which resist being dragged across the screen. Buying a stylus for iPad is not a good option yet.
The Galaxy Note has an additional layer in its screen, which could sense sharp objects.

The HTC Flyer came out last year with the stylus, but several shortcomings limited its appeal. First, it was half the size of the iPad yet cost just as much, and that too without the pen. Second, there was no slot for the pen in the body of the tablet, making it easy to lose. The pen also was heavy on pocket.

Samsung then built stylus usage into the first Galaxy Note. Though well-received, the tablet had an odd size, with a 5-inch screen. That makes it very big for smartphone but small for a tablet. With the launch of first Galaxy Note, Samsung tried to create a new segment in smartphones arena.

What is the purpose of  a pen when you can do same work easily with fingers? Well, this is where the Samsung offensive starts faltering. There just isn't that much use of pen because stylus-equipped tablets are so new.

You can jot down notes, or edit photos in an included version of Photoshop. You can scrawl personal notes to people and mail them. Instead of using the on-screen keyboard, you can use handwriting recognition . Handwriting is slower than typing, and the tablet's interpretation introduces errors, so it's not clear why you'd use it much, though.

The stylus senses how hard you press into the screen. Samsung's S Note app responds by making the line you make thinner or thicker, an essential feature for anyone who wants to use a tablet for serious drawing. The pen also comes with a side button that works much like the left mouse button, giving access to extra features with little effort.

Very few third-party apps are designed with styluses in mind, but some of them work better with a stylus anyway. The use of stylus is limited and you might not use it some day. Introduction of stylus at current software support could be termed as a gimmick.

But even when there are more apps for it, the stylus is going to have limited appeal. It's a must-have for only a small group of people, who like to use it  for particular jobs. For the rest of us, it will be a fun thing we use once in a while. .

The Galaxy Note does threatens the iPad's defenses with other features the Apple tablet lacks. One is a slot for microSD memory cards, which means you can expand the memory of the Galaxy Note inexpensively.

The other feature is an infra-red light, which can be used in place of a remote. This is a feature inspired from Sony’s Android Tabs. It's welcome, too - some people spend hundreds of dollars on universal remotes, which the Galaxy Note effectively replaces with this feature. .

The Note runs Ice Cream Sandwich,  and can be upgraded to Jelly Bean, the latest. It has a fast processor and a big screen. At $499, it costs $100 more than the pen-less Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, which has the same size screen but a slower processor.

For now, and for most people, the iPad is still a better buy. The main reason is that there's much more, and better, third-party apps available for it.

But the Galaxy Note shows that the pressure is building on the iPad, and Apple will have to work if it wants to maintain its lead. Samsung's strategies could add up to a very attractive tablet indeed and with the pace Samsung is taking on Apple, one day it might dethrone iPad as the most popular tablet device.

Fore Pre-booking of Samsung Galaxy Note 800 10.1in India follow the link here.

                                           Price: Rs.39,990                                      

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