01 August 2012

How To Get Old Facebook Chat Box Back

Facebook regularly updates its interface in order to simplify the interface for its users .But sometimes its results in more complex output rather than the simple interface.This post Explains how to get your old Facebook Chat Box Back !

Like the latest Facebook Chat box which shows friends with whom we interacted most rather showing the friends who are online ,also it creates a separate tab under which friends who are online are listed as "More Online Friends" rather showing them up it shows offline friends on the list.

So in this post i would explain how to get your old Facebook Chat box back .

What you need !

In order to get your old Facebook chat box back you would need Mozilla Firefox (Download) or Google Chrome (Download) .

We would simple take help of browser extensions to get the old Facebook chat box back.

Do lets Get Started >>


Google Chrome users just have to install a simple script from here which would revert them back to the old Facebook chat box without any hassle.
Simply Confirm the install of this script by clicking "Add " button.

Moreover chrome users can install SocialReviver  a Google Chrome extension to get back old Facebook Chat Box.


mozilla firefox-www.tech2check.inIn order to get your old Facebook chat box on Mozilla Firefox you first have to install GreaseMonkey on Firefox for the script to work.

Now simply install the script from here.

greasemonkey for

And you are done .Enjoy your old Facebook Chat Box 

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