25 July 2012

A humorous guide about Choosing the right Internet Service Provider

With ever increasing quality of lifestyle and ever increasing expenses, choosing a right product at right price has become our motto for living and is quite stressful sometimes (especially when our incomes are fixed or too varying). If this motto applies across all our purchases,then why not consider it when choosing an internet connection. 

Just as no two persons owns same things , no two persons have same internet plan. Different people want different  plans pertaining to their usage . A Geek ( one who is virtually unavailable offline ) may want an unlimited data plan with maximum speeds and may often find ways to increase his connection speed, a businessman might look only for a ISP with good service ( I think these business guys are too weak in troubleshooting technical glitches), a student may want an economical data plan and so on. 

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But what is bemusing that no ISP will let its customer satisfied with their current data plans. Anyway if their customers are satisfied they will never be able to grow and increase their profits ( and they would have to shut down their nagging customer support hotlines) . 

That is why these so called ISP's will offer you with best possible plans which appear lucrative but at the end of the month you end up paying more than you were  paying before, with little or no extra benefits. Given a choice  between a MARUTI 800 or a FERRARI ENZO , I am damn sure 9/10 people will choose a FERRARI, but in my view that one Maruti guy has got some mind! .  

What is the point of owing a FERRARI when you will never be able to run it at 150 mph on roads. Plus you will end up paying more for the same services
(come on , no one will give you a Ferrari for free) when in reality you  cannot drive in around  at more than 90 mph!


But ofcourse its your money, who knows it better how to spend it.
Last month I subscribed for a 3G dongle with an unlimited plan bundled with 3.1 Mbps speeds (3.1 mbps is quite fast in India).The ISP guys promised me that I will not have to pay more than 800 bucks per month, but I was shocked to receive multicolored piece of paper  with 1200 written on it. Yes, 1200 means I was handed over a bill of 1200 bucks in style. I tell you these people play double standards , they are like a bitter gourd with sugar coating .
afraid of

Telling lies for increasing their customer  base is just a fad.  Never mind even I am not interested in paying up this bill .Choose a plan that suits you best , not the ones that are over hyped or advertised.  Internet plans are like our life partners, everyone have got at least one .Tip for all those ladies out there. If your guy often changes his internet plans then he will definitely cheat on you someday!!! On this bombshell its time to end.

So, Are you satisfied with your Internet Service Provider Do tell us in the comments section below !